How to save money in your favourite movies and TV shows

A good deal is often a deal, and if you’re spending a lot of money, it might make sense to take a look at the price.

If you’re looking for a good deal, check out our list of the best deals of the week.

Read more Here’s how to find the best deal on movies and television shows at a price you can afford.


The best deals are in the $10 to $15 range.

This is where you want to spend the most.

If it’s $10 you’ll get something really good.

If your budget is more than $15 you’ll want to be careful.

Here are some good ways to look at this range: $10-$15 Movies and TV Shows: IFC, Amazon, Cinemax, Fox, Disney, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Cinemark, Comedy Central, FX, AMC, ABC, Bravo, Cinemarama, CBS, Discovery Channel, E!, FXX, FX Networks, HGTV, Fox Sports, History, HBO, HBO Now, Hulu, History TV, HBO Kids, Showtime, Nickelodeon, MTV, TNT, Travel Channel, Travel Plus, USA Network, Viacom, and Verizon (more) $15-$20 Movies and TVs: AMC, Cinemargy, Fox Networks, HBO and HBO Now (more).

You might be able to get away with paying less for the premium channels if you’ve got a larger collection, but you can’t always rely on the cheapest channels.

The big-ticket items like premium channels and movies will typically be much more expensive.

$20-$25 Movies and Television: Disney, Discovery, FX (more), FX Networks (more); Hulu (more, and more).

It’s often cheaper to watch more shows on Hulu, but the price of Hulu Plus has increased.

Plus, you’ll have a much better chance of getting access to the latest and greatest programming if you sign up for Hulu Plus.

$25-$30 Movies and Televisions: Disney Channel (more than 50% off, or $20 a month), Disney Junior, Disney Movies (50% off), Disney XD (50%-80% off); ESPN (more on this).

If you have a Disney subscription, you can usually get away without paying more, but if you haven’t got a subscription, it’s best to sign up if you have one.

$30-$35 Movies and Video Games: GameStop, Microsoft, Nintendo, PlayStation (more options), Sling TV (more available), Vudu (more channels), Amazon Prime (more option).

If your console is the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, or PC, it should be cheaper to get games and games-related content for the cheaper price.

$35-$40 Movies and Shows: AMC (50%, 50% discount), HBO (50%), Netflix (50%).

If you’ve been in a relationship with an AMC or HBO member, you might want to sign them up for their Prime subscription, as they can save money by not having to purchase additional channels.

Netflix has been getting better deals, and there’s a good chance that if you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you won’t miss much.

You can also try Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime.

$40-$50 Movies and Programs: AMC and Showtime (more in this category), AMC Studios, HBO (more with HBO Now), HBO Now with HBO (less in this), AMC’s The Leftovers (more HBO and Netflix).

If the AMC and HBO shows you’re considering don’t include Netflix or Amazon, it could be worth trying something else.

$50-$60 Movies and Series: Netflix, HBO Go, HBO NOW, Showtime with HBO, Showtime Anytime (more and more), AMC, Showtime Original Series, AMC Classics, AMC Supernatural (more AMC and Netflix), AMC Hits (more streaming titles), AMC Horror, AMC Mysteries, AMC’s Scream, AMC Crime, AMC Comedy, AMC Sci-Fi, AMC Fantasy, AMC Horror Classic, AMC Thrillers, AMC Family, AMC Power Rankings, AMC Trailers, FX’s America’s Funniest Home Videos, FX Home Entertainment, FX Now, FX Original Movies, FX Superstar, FX Theatres, FX TV Guide, FX Video, FX Power Rankings.

$60-$70 Movies and Videos: AMC Classics (50-60% off).

You may not be able get HBO and Showtime if you live in a rural area, but AMC’s Classics has been a big deal.

AMC also has a lot more series available, so you should definitely try out these if you want a big selection.

AMC has been able to find some good deals with some of its channels, and the more recent season of American Horror Story has been extremely popular.

$70-$80 Movies and Music: HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple Music, Apple TV, Roku, Tidal, Amazon Music, Amazon Video