How to Buy Your Favorite Music Artists’ CDs: JYP Entertainment

With its new subscription streaming service, JYP entertainment artists are able to purchase their favorite music albums online through its online store.

But there’s a catch: the artist’s albums are locked in the digital storefronts of the two big three music platforms, Apple Music and Spotify.

This means that if you’re an artist and you’re buying your music through Apple Music, you’re missing out on all the benefits that come with a paid subscription, like exclusive album art, exclusive music videos, and more.

However, if you decide to pay a little extra, Jyp Entertainment is offering an additional benefit to those artists who opt for the subscription service: they can buy their favorite CDs directly from the labels, who can also make a small royalty payment.

“The music industry has always had an obligation to keep music in the hands of its artists, and that’s why we offer the music industry a way to pay for the use of their music,” JYP Music’s chief operating officer, Yuji Kimura, told Digital Trends.

With the purchase of a CD, an artist can get an exclusive track on Spotify, and even get exclusive access to a bonus track from a major label.

However if they’re paying for a paid Spotify subscription, they’ll still lose out on the benefits of the exclusive content.

It’s a good example of the value JYP has added to the music business in the past year, and what it’s done to build up its digital store, which now has around 20 million subscribers, and it’s only the beginning.

There are more benefits to buying CDs through JYP than just the royalties, as JYP’s chief marketing officer, Kim Kwon-seop, told the Korean website Daily NK.

You get a great deal of exclusivity, and I think that’s what really counts for us, because exclusivity is something that is a great value for our artists,” he said.

What’s more, there’s also a good chance you’ll get to hear some exclusive music from JYP in the process.

In fact, Kim told the site that JYP was looking for new music from top artists to make up for the lack of exclusive content on Spotify.

Even though JYP is the largest music subscription service in Korea, Kim added that they’ve only signed up around 10% of the music-industry market.