Watch live stream of Super Bowl LI in your mobile app or tv app!

The NFL will be broadcasting Super Bowl LII live on a brand new web app, powered by Google Glass.

The live stream will begin at 12:00 p.m.

ET on Sunday, Feb. 5, with highlights and scores of all 34 games.

The app will also be available to watch on the Google Home TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Android TV.

The app will allow you to:• Watch live and archived video and photos of the Super Bowl for your viewing pleasure• Create and share custom events and experiences for your guests• Easily stream your favorite games from multiple platforms and devices• Browse game clips from your favorite channels• Share clips from any app• Listen to the latest news and sports headlines• View a live feed of all games from your device’s web browser• Watch a live stream from the Google Play StoreThe NFL is also hosting a livestream of Superbowl LIII live on YouTube, and is offering free video streaming to the public.

The NFL has also announced a new app, which will allow fans to watch live and past Super Bowls in their own home.

The new app will be called the SuperBowl Live app, and will be available from March 15.

The site will include live stream video from the NFL Network, NFL Network Live, NFL Game Pass, NFL Mobile and other providers.

The site will also include live streaming of the games from the Superbowl LI, SuperBills, Dolphins and Patriots.

Fans can use the app to search for specific games and highlights from the previous years games, view games from previous years, and even browse past games from their favorite apps.

There are also plans to stream live highlights from past Superbowls in a separate app for iOS and Android.

This app will include the same live stream as the current app, but will also have an app-wide overlay that allows fans to scroll through a list of all past Superbowls from the last five seasons.

The NFL has partnered with the National Football League to stream the last 5 Super Bowl games.

The new app is scheduled to be available for free on the Android and iOS App Store on March 15, with access to a “bundled” app experience that includes live streaming and access to all the previous games in the app.

Fans can watch all games live from their home devices, and can also stream them in a browser or on mobile devices, like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

It’s unclear when or if the NFL plans to offer a mobile app, with the league not yet commenting on the app or how the app will work.