Australian entertainment minister wants to make films that ‘speak to our nation’

Entertainment minister Stephen Conroy has launched a review into the state of the Australian film industry, with a focus on the role of women in the industry.

In a blog post, Mr Conroy says the country is in a “disease of over-production” and the industry needs to “think big”.

“This is an industry that has become over-saturated, over-processed and over-produced,” he said.

“This disease has become epidemic and it is time for us to look at how we can re-invent this industry in the future to ensure that Australia has a healthy, vibrant and vibrant future.”

Mr Conroy said the review would examine the impact of the current film industry on the Australian workforce and the culture of the industry in general.

“It will look at whether the current production practices are the right ones for the Australian industry,” he wrote.

“What is the best way to ensure films reflect Australian values and our culture?

How do we best support young people to find jobs in this industry?

What are the best practices to ensure the films we produce reflect the needs of the nation?”

Mr Conry also said he would introduce a “significant increase” in the budget of the National Film and Television Commission to “increase our ability to attract talent”.

He said the NFTC was in the process of reviewing the industry’s financial structure.

“Our budget is one of the most important pieces of legislation in the country,” he told ABC Radio.

“The NFTCA has the power to spend any amount of money that it feels is appropriate on the development of the film industry.”

So if there’s any suggestion that the NftCA is not doing that, we will be taking a serious look at that.

“Mr Smith says the government needs to focus on more than just funding.”

We’re also spending money to ensure we have a robust workforce in this country, which means we need to be able to hire people for those jobs, we need the right skills to be employed in those jobs,” he added.”

And we also need to look to create an environment that is open to all and everyone.

“This is about creating a more inclusive and inclusive economy, a more vibrant and more vibrant community.”

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