How to build a 360-degree movie experience in a few clicks

I spent months building a 360 degree movie experience for a virtual reality (VR) video game called Oculus Rift.

It’s a bit of a trick.

Here’s how to make the experience work.1.

Install the Oculus SDK 2.

Start the game 3.

Load the Oculus app 4.

Tap the Oculus button 5.

The VR app will open up, which will allow you to move around the virtual world.6.

Select a scene.7.

Select an object in the scene.8.

Select multiple objects in the same scene.9.

Select the object you want to control.10.

Press and hold the Space bar and choose “Move.”11.

Choose an object to control and hold it.12.

Press the Spacebar again and move the object.13.

Press SPACE to exit the scene and re-enter the scene using your mouse.14.

Press Space to exit and re enter the scene with your keyboard.15.

Press F1 to switch between Oculus Rift headsets.16.

Press TAB to go back to the main menu.


Choose Settings to change the game settings and enable or disable some of the features.18.

Choose the Oculus Rift Home menu item.19.

You can now play the VR game, but you can’t play it with your mouse or keyboard.

Here are some things to keep in mind.20.

The mouse and keyboard controls work just fine with the Oculus Home menu.

This is because the Oculus software runs natively on the Oculus Touch controllers.

I didn’t want to change that, so I set up a special mouse and Keyboard Controller adapter that allows you to use both mouse and Touch controllers for VR gaming.21.

The Oculus Home Menu also supports the “Vive-like” interface, which is where you can choose a menu, enter the Oculus logo and select a menu item from a list of options.22.

When you’re done playing, you can click on the VR Home menu to close the menu.23.

When the VR app is closed, you should see the Oculus avatar floating over the top of the screen.24.

You’ll also notice that the Rift’s VR mode is not working, so the game has to be restarted.

Here is how to do that.