JEPPIE JAMES ON THE PODCAST: ‘It’s very, very good’

JEPPI JAMES, who won an Oscar for his role in JUPITER, has told News24 she hopes to return to the big screen as a leading lady, and has spoken out about her “love” for the genre of cinema.

The 39-year-old, who recently released her debut film, The Queen, has been nominated for an Academy Award for her portrayal of the titular character in a number of films, including the upcoming sci-fi thriller, Juno, which was recently announced for a 2019 release.

Speaking on the podcast ‘The Pod’, JEPI said: “I love cinema, I love writing and I love watching.

I’ve been a big fan of cinema for a long time.”

I’ve watched films since I was a child.

I remember my first viewing of Gladiator.

I have a lot of fond memories of that.

“There are many films I love to watch that I haven’t seen since.”

It’s been a privilege to be nominated for a movie that I’m so excited about and I’m excited about being nominated.

“But I think I will be doing it again.”

When I was in high school I was going to the theatre.

I was really into music, and that’s when I discovered the world of film.

“And I’ve watched a lot and I think that’s been one of the great things about being in film, is that it gives you the opportunity to experience things you’ve never seen before.”

You get to know the people who are doing it and what the actors are doing.

“That’s a huge thing, to watch someone’s work and learn about the people behind it.”

The award-winning actress, who also plays the lead role in Juno, said she had a great time in the film, which is about a woman who becomes the daughter of a billionaire and the son of a notorious criminal.

She said: ‘I loved it, I loved it.

It was very good.

“A lot of the stuff I do is because I’m in love with the genre, so I loved working with those two characters, who are very different and I was thrilled.”

They were very different in a lot the way that they interacted and it was very fun to work with them and play with their relationships.””

They had a wonderful chemistry and that was really fun to play.

“The film had an interesting dynamic, which I found to be very interesting.

It’s very romantic, which we didn’t have a ton of in the past.”

One of the things that’s fun about film is it’s very much a love story, and I loved the fact that we were able to do that.”JEPPI added that she was excited to see Juno director Justin Kurzel, who has made a number ‘superb’ films, as well as a number for his young adult films, and the film was “great” in terms of storytelling.

She added: “Justin and his team, Justin, and his production design, Justin and his crew, were great, very creative and very smart.”

As well as Justin’s film, there are other directors like him, like the wonderful Denis Villeneuve, who’s working on the next film in his trilogy, Arrival, which will be out in 2019.”

We’re going to have a film out in 2018, we’re going at the same time.

So it’s going to be interesting.

“He has this really brilliant vision, so we’re really excited about that.

It’ll be a very fun film, a very exciting film, and it’ll be really good for kids to see it, and kids are going to love it.”JEPPINE IS VERY INTERESTED IN MOVIES.”

The actress also talked about her upcoming sci­fi film, Juno and the role she hopes she plays in it.

She told the podcast: “My role in this film is to play Juno.”

She’s the character that’s kind of on a journey, which really isn’t my usual role, but I do it in some of my films and I do have a very special role.”

In Juno I’ve got the role of Juno, and Juno is this alien that wants to destroy Earth, and she’s got this really strong, female, female power that she wants to wield, and you don’t see that in a very much masculine or female role in the industry, so it’s nice to see that.

“She also revealed that she will be playing a character called ‘Olivia’ in Juno.

She revealed: “Olivie is my love interest in Juno.””

Olivio is very similar to Juno, you know, she’s a bit of a rogue.

“So she’s going around in a spaceship and she wants the galaxy to be ruled by a male.”