Which movie has the best animated film?

Updated Mar 25, 2019 11:13:07 The first-ever animated movie from Disney-owned Pixar, Monsters University, opened in the U.S. on Saturday and quickly became a hit with fans.

With more than 1.6 million tickets sold for a projected $1.5 million per theater, the movie opened with $2.3 million.

It was the second-highest opening weekend for a Pixar movie since 1998, after Toy Story 2.

The film is Pixar’s first feature film since 2001’s Monsters University and the first for the company’s younger sibling, Wreck-It Ralph.

It is also Pixar’s second animated film in the Pixar Animation Studio, following 2016’s Finding Dory.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s the best film that Pixar has made,” said director Phil Johnston, who helmed Monsters University.

“The best thing is the music.

I’m a big fan of the music, it’s really, really good.”

“The music in Monsters University is really, pretty good,” said John Lasseter, who directed Monsters University from 2004 to 2008.

“I think the best way to describe it is ‘like a jazz band.'”

Lasseter said Pixar’s animation is grounded, and the studio takes cues from traditional animation, such as the way the animals move.

The film was a hit, even though the movie was not Pixar’s most successful.

Its production budget was $500 million, and it grossed $5.2 million in ticket sales.

It also made $2 million from digital rentals, including $400,000 for Disney-Pixar’s app store.

For the first time in its history, the film is the No. 1 animated film on a Friday for the weekend of March 24-27, 2019, according to the Motion Picture Association of America.

But the movie did not perform as well as it did in Japan.

Its opening weekend in Japan, which had already sold out, dropped to $1 million.

Its Japanese debut also was disappointing, as it was a Friday night.

It opened with a gross of $837,000 in Japan for a domestic total of $9,854,000.

Disney-Pineapple’s other recent animated films include Toy Story 4, which opened in Japan in March.

In its first year of release, Monsters is Pixars biggest animated film.

It has grossed more than $3 billion worldwide, and earned more than 90 nominations in 35 awards categories.

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