How to get rid of Fazbear from your life

A fazbear is a furry mascot created by game developer Kojima Productions.

The character, whose real name is Faz, has appeared in over 200 games including Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, Super Mario Maker, and more.

It’s currently the most popular game mascot in Japan, but the animal has also been criticised for its poor portrayals of violence.

Kojima has apologised for the character’s poor portrayal of violence, which led to the game being banned in Japan for nearly two years.

According to reports, the character has been given a new skin tone, new facial expressions, and a new outfit.

Many have criticised the mascot’s portrayal of violence as well as the game’s violent elements, but Kojime isn’t the only developer to have faced criticism over the mascot.

In November 2015, Capcom cancelled the Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Happy Home Designer for its depiction of violent acts.

Despite the controversy, Kojimas company was able to survive the ban.

In March 2018, Kajam created a series of videos for the popular Youtube channel GameOverWorld.

Each video is accompanied by a cartoon of the mascot and features Kojma, a man in his 60s, posing as a violent faz.

In the videos, Kjama often punches, kicks, and throws objects at the character.

At one point, Kjaama even uses a knife to stab the character in the stomach.

He also wears a cape over his head to protect himself from the faz’s sharp claws.

The videos have been viewed nearly 6.8 million times since their launch.

In May 2018, another video for the series was uploaded by a user known as Tami.

This video features the fizbear playing with a gun and wearing a mask.

After the faybear is stabbed, the player is given the option to turn the character off or turn the camera on.

Kojma’s faybeast, in his video for GameOverworld.

A user known by the handle Tami, a YouTube channel which focuses on video game content.

The faybabe, who appears in the video for Gamemomusic.

A video uploaded by Tami titled “Fazbear’s fizbeast” which features a fayababe and a gun.

In another video uploaded in June 2018, a user named Misha uploaded a video called “Faybear, the most hated fayabe” where the character, dressed as a furry animal, repeatedly uses a fanny pack to punch a faz in the face.

The video received more than 5 million views and garnered more than 4 million comments, with some of the comments mocking the character and his actions.