Farmhouse entertainment with a touch of Victorian decor

A few years ago, I moved to a rural Queensland town.

It was one of those rural towns that has a long history of producing quality, distinctive rural houses.

For example, I spent a few weeks in the beautiful farmhouse of the late, great Jim Murray.

Murray was a famous Australian farmhouse designer who worked with some of Australia’s finest house designers, including Henry Howard and the great Henry Ward Beecher.

Murray’s house was an elegant example of the Victorian era, with large windows that allowed for unobstructed views of the land and water.

The interior design was a classic example of his style, with lots of Victorian details, including a big, dark fireplace and the use of many old Victorian wooden frame walls.

I had an opportunity to see a similar Victorian house in my old hometown, the tiny town of Dandenong.

It is now a bit of a ghost town, and the old Victorian houses are very hard to find.

There are few surviving examples of the house Murray designed, and many of the windows in his house were broken in the Great Depression, so they were replaced by modern glass.

I spent some time with the Murray house and it was stunning.

The exterior was made from the same Victorian material as Murray’s and was quite well preserved.

The house was in excellent condition, though it did have a few dents.

A few of the rooms were also in great condition, but the house itself is in very poor condition.

It has been gutted and was gutted with a combination of chipping and hammering to make it as sturdy as possible.

The rooms and attic are all intact.

There was no damage to the walls, floors, or ceiling, and all the rooms are still in good condition.

This house was not a perfect example of Murray’s style, but it was a pretty good example of Victorian style, as I think most of the pieces in the Murray collection have been preserved.

What do you think of these Victorian Victorian homes?

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