Why the Ikea Entertainment Center isn’t the only thing keeping Ikea from making its way to California

Ikea, the Swedish furniture retailer, has been eyeing the San Francisco Bay Area for years.

But the company is still not ready to open an outlet there.

In a filing last month, the company detailed a proposal to move its San Francisco retail headquarters to its new headquarters in California, a proposal that the company said it would evaluate and “evaluate in the future.”

Ikea is currently considering opening two new stores in the Bay Area, but the company would have to sell the majority of the stores to make it happen.

Ikea’s San Francisco location would be the second location in California to be relocated to the Pacific Northwest, after Sears Holdings Corp. in Michigan shuttered its headquarters in Seattle.

San Francisco is also home to the headquarters of the company’s parent company, J.C. Penney Co. In the meantime, JCPenney will open its new retail site in Seattle in 2019, where the company plans to open a second San Francisco outlet.

The new headquarters is expected to be open by 2021, with an expected opening of about one million square feet.

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