When ‘Hulu’s’ Hulu comes to India

The Indian video streaming service ‘Hollywood Now’ is partnering with Hollywood studio ‘Hip-Hop Entertainment’, a major player in the Hollywood studios, to launch its Hindi-language version of ‘The Voice’ on Tuesday.

The partnership is part of an ongoing effort to bring Indian-made talent into Hollywood.

The deal will allow Hollywood studios to access their ‘HBO Now’ app for the first time, with a focus on Hindi content.

The ‘Humble bundle’ has already seen a success with content produced by ‘Hemlock Grove’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’.

Hollywood studios are also keen on expanding their Indian content offerings.

The first movie, ‘The Legend of Bollywood’, which is a Hindi film starring Kajol Bhatt, is expected to hit the screens on June 11, 2018.

The film is being produced by a new group of Hindi directors, including Bhatia and M Raghavan.

A ‘Hugh Jackman: The Other Side of the Mirror’ film is also in the pipeline.

Hacking off of the success of ‘Hannah Montana’, which starred Bollywood icon Hugh Jackman, is a step forward in the long-term goal of bringing more talent to Hollywood.

Hollywood and the studios have been working on bringing ‘Hannity’ to India for a number of years.

A recent announcement that ‘Hothouse’ was set to be produced in Hindi was a big coup for Hollywood, which has traditionally been in the dark about the Indian film industry.