New Bay Area beach house to be built by a California-based company

A new Bay Area waterfront home is being designed by a developer who has spent years designing homes for wealthy investors.

The home, called the Garden of Life, is set to be completed by a company called Rizvi in 2017.

The plan calls for a five-story, 1,000-square-foot home that will feature two-level, terraced living areas, a rooftop pool, and a retractable roof.

It will also feature a rooftop kitchen, which will have a full kitchen, full-sized living room, and additional spaces for entertaining guests.

The owners of the home have also announced plans to use the land for a beach house.

The property will be situated on the site of a former industrial estate.

The developer is named Bauhaus and will design the house with the help of architect Roberta Bauh, who previously designed the home of a California couple, who live in the same home.