DAWG: ‘I’ve just found a job’

The man who has worked for five years at a remote DAWGs entertainment complex has been told he will not be allowed to return to his hometown after his son was injured while climbing a cliff at the site.

Key points:Dawg Entertainment Complex’s director, Andrew MacLennan, said he was confident that his son’s injury was minorSource: The Irish Express/Peter O’Rourke/The Irish TimesThe incident occurred at the DAWg Entertainment complex, which sits in the town of Mill Creek.

Mr MacLennaan said his son and his partner had been climbing a ledge on the top of a cliff when they collided with the cliffside wall and fell to the ground.

Mr McLennaann said he had been working in DAWgs for five months when he was injured and was hopeful he would be allowed back to his home town of Cavan.

The incident happened just days after a local councillor said he would like to see Mr MacLanaan’s son charged with causing serious injury.DAWg’s director Andrew Maclennaan (centre) said he believed his son, John McLennanan, was injured when he fell off a cliff (stock image)He said the boy had been walking with his partner on the rock when the accident happened.

“I was just really hoping he would return home, and I think he did,” Mr Maclennan said.

“The injury was not that bad, and he was conscious and alert and doing fine.”

He had just fallen off the cliff and he fell back down.

“Mr Maclanaan said the accident had not affected the facility’s work, but he was concerned for his son.”

John is very well and he’s doing great,” he said.

He said he hoped that his family would receive support from the local community.”

It’s not like he’s going to get any money, but if the community can be helpful I think we’ll be fine,” he added.

Mr MacDonald said his family were looking forward to returning home.”

My mum’s family have been there for years, so they’re probably going to be the ones that come down here and get a glimpse of what it’s like,” he explained.”

There’s no rush.

We’ve just got to get through this week and see how it goes.

“He said DAWgt had already invested heavily in the project and was optimistic that it would be able to rebuild the complex and find a replacement.”

We’ve invested a lot into it and we’ve got a lot of time on our hands, but we’ll get through it,” he concluded.