Disney’s Regal Entertainment Group to release a Disney Infinity 3.0 game, with more to come in 2019

Disney Infinity will soon release a brand new Disney Infinity game, and that title will likely be a brand-new Disney Infinity title, as the company revealed today that Disney Infinity 2.0 will launch later this year.

The announcement came from Disney Infinity and Regal, the companies parent company, today in a blog post on the official Disney Infinity Facebook page.

“Disney Infinity 2: Rise of the Guardians is set to arrive later this month, and we’re excited to finally announce the next entry in our ever-expanding lineup,” said Disney Infinity creative director, Scott Miller.

“This game will introduce new gameplay mechanics and features to our award-winning Disney Infinity franchise.

We are so excited about what this game will bring to the table and can’t wait to see what players create.”

This announcement comes as Regal is currently in the process of launching a new game called Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The game is being built around the Disney Infinity brand, and the company is already releasing a number of new games in the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

In addition to the new Disney theme park game, Regal announced that a new version of the Regal Music and Art app will be launching later this fall, and a brand of “regal-inspired accessories” will be arriving in the Disney Store later this spring.

Regal said that this will allow fans to build their own game worlds and play with the new game content.

In the Disney game, players will be able to “take on the role of a young, rich princess and embark on her journey through the Disney parks, Disney theme parks, and more, with all new abilities, weapons, and outfits.”

In addition, fans can also join the new Star Wars Battlefront beta test, and will be given the chance to create their own characters and vehicles from the new content.