How Bad Boys Became a New Reality (EXCLUSIVE)

With the arrival of Bad Boys Entertainment, the Bad Boys and their music, their legacy and their legacy fans are finally able to relive their lives through music, videos, and the like.

That’s not to say they’re perfect.

There are a few bad ones in there that are just bad.

Some of the best moments in Bad Boys history are ones that don’t involve Bad Boys.

And even when they do, they are still bad, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have meaning.

These are the moments that define Bad Boys in 2017 and beyond.

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A time-lapse montage that showed the life of “Killing” Ray.

It’s not clear whether or not this was filmed in 2017, but it’s a classic Bad Boys moment and it makes for an awesome montage.

It makes you feel like you’re in the Bad Boy universe and you don’t need to watch the video again to relish the moment.


A Bad Boys song featuring a “bitch in the hood.”

A song called “Killer Kicks,” which has a great chorus and some of the funniest Bad Boys lyrics, comes to mind.

But there’s also “The Crap,” which sounds like it was written in the 1980s.

(There are a lot of bad Bad Boys songs, but this one, as far as I can tell, is the worst.)

The lyrics are, “She’s in jail, she’s in the ghetto, she ain’t gonna get out alive.”

I’m pretty sure I heard that one.


A rap song that was written by Bad Boys’ manager, who also happens to be the producer of the Bad Bosses single “Hands Up.”

The lyrics read, “You can’t get a shot like me, it’s no sport.”


A song by Bad Boy rapper Bad Boy, which is a remix of a Bad Boy song called, “No Problem,” and features the Bad Kid.

The lyrics: “A lil’ nigga in the park, a little boy playing, the kid’s scared of me.

The police never show up.”

(This is not the first time Bad Boy has released a remix.)


A classic Bad Boy rap song.

That one is called “The Boss.”

It’s about a boss who has a reputation for beating up his employees and it was originally written by the Bad Kids themselves.

But the Bad Bullies themselves, especially the Bad Kicks, loved it and used it in some of their songs.

(I’m pretty certain Bad Kid did too.)


A bad Bad Boy video.

A parody of a classic Big Boy video called “Bad Boy Goes to Vegas.”

It features a group of kids and a guy in a clown suit who’s really into making money.

It was created by Bad Bullieds’ Bad Kid, and it is the only Bad Boy-related video in this list.

(Also, there’s a scene in the video where the clown is talking to a girl.)


The Bad Boy music video for “Kills the Neighbors.”

(It was released as a special Bad Boy holiday video in 2017.)

It features some Bad Boy songs and a few Bad Boy rhymes.

You can see it here: 8.

The original Bad Boy “Killed the Neighbours” video.

The video, which debuted in 1987, is a classic in Bad Boy history.

It features an array of Bad Boy hits that include “Sucker Punch” and “Killa Slap.”


A “Kiddie Hood” video that premiered in 1993 and was one of the most popular Bad Boy videos of all time.

It featured some Bad Kid rhymes and the Bad Bitch in question was in it.

It is, of course, not Bad Boy.

(And the Bad Man himself doesn’t appear in the movie.)


A remix of the “Kill the Neighbor” video in 2018.

I have to say, this is my favorite video of Bad Kid’s.

I love that this is the first Bad Boy remix I’ve seen.

I loved the original Bad Boys “KILL THE NEGROES” video because it was a great video, but “KIDDIE THE NIGGERS” video was a better remix of Bad Bullie songs.

This is a really fun Bad Boy track and I can’t wait to see it re-released.


A re-recorded Bad Boy version of “Bitch in Jail.”

It was originally recorded in 1992 and is pretty good.

I would have preferred to see this version, but the original was good.

(That Bad Boy original, which features a few Big Boy rhubs, is one of my favorites.)


The first Bad Biscuit video.

This video is called, simply, “Biscuits” and it’s all about Bad Bicks.