What the bookcase in the back of your bookcase can’t hold

When you want to store your books and magazines but don’t want to use the space that your books are resting on, then the Cheaper Entertainment Center in the Back of your Bookcase can be a great solution.

The bookcase is made of wood and is able to support books up to about 300 kilograms, according to the company.

If you need to store a larger book or some other bulky item, then you will need to purchase a special bookcase which is a separate purchase, which can then be stored on a wall or shelf.

Cheaper is based in Australia and has stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

The centre’s website lists an opening date of March 6 and it’s expected to be operational by the end of June.

Here are some tips for using the bookcases in your bookcases: Use them for small items, such as notebooks and paperclips.

Make sure you have a good handle on the book.

Make the book and the book tray sturdy enough to handle the books.

Have the book on the shelf for easy access to it.