How to avoid the ‘Baghdad nightmare’

A manhunt is under way for a suspect who fled the country in a stolen Audi.

More than two weeks after the car was stolen, police in the Iraqi capital Baghdad have arrested a man suspected of driving it to Baghdad, the capital’s provincial police chief said.

“We are looking for a man who drove a stolen car from Baghdad to Baghdad,” Major General Qassem Suleimani said at a news conference on Friday.

The car was seized in a suburb of Baghdad on Friday after a man called the police saying he had been robbed, he added.

The suspect was arrested in Baghdad, he said.

Police said the man was from the Iraqi city of Kirkuk and was wanted for theft.

They identified the suspect as Mohammad Abu, who had been working as a security guard at a bar in the eastern Iraqi city.

The man had also been spotted in the province of Nineveh, but was not arrested, he continued.

It was unclear whether the man had an accomplice, he went on.

He was not armed and did not have any weapons, he also said.

The car used to drive the Audi was stolen from the city of Baiji, the provincial police director told Reuters news agency.

The Baghdad governor’s office said that the suspect was a security force officer.

Police said he had confessed to the crime.

The interior ministry, the country’s main security agency, said it had arrested a second suspect in the attack, also from Baiji.

It said that he had fled to Iraq after being arrested.

The attack came as Iraq has struggled to deal with an increase in violence in recent months, which have also seen the deaths of hundreds of people.

In April, gunmen attacked a bus carrying Kurdish civilians in Baghdad’s southern suburbs.