Trump’s Hollywood deal may not end with movie theaters

Trump’s deal to buy a majority stake in two Hollywood theaters is set to be finalized today, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The deal is expected to close at midnight, according the newspaper.

The purchase would be the first time in the entertainment industry in which Trump is in control.

The news comes a day after the President signed an executive order directing his administration to eliminate regulations that protect movie theater patrons.

The announcement came just one day after President Donald Trump signed an order banning local governments from passing laws restricting movie ticket sales, which critics say will cause ticket sales to drop.

The president signed the order during a visit to New York City’s Times Square in which he made a pitch for the new movie theaters, according The Wall St. Journal.

President Trump is expected make the announcement in a televised address on Monday, according a source who spoke with the paper.

The president also has been trying to promote the new theaters during his State of the Union address, with Trump promising to “give you a great movie theater in my name” and other mentions of the new locations.

Trump has been vocal in his support for the film theater, calling it “the best entertainment option” for the American public.

Since taking office in January, the president has pledged to “get rid of the restrictions on the entertainment industries” and has also announced that he wants to “create the world’s most diverse movie theater industry” in an effort to help Hollywood’s box office.