The Big Picture: The Best Movies in HD for the Web with a HD TV Experience

The new era of HD video is upon us, and that means it’s time for an update on some of the biggest hits and classics that can’t be found on Blu-ray.

But don’t forget the oldies: there are still plenty of classics to be had, and even some new favorites.

And for some classic movies that aren’t available on Blu, you can always grab them for $10 on

We’ve rounded up a list of the best HD movies available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and streaming, along with a few of the lesser-known films that might be on your favorite streaming service.

There’s no shortage of great titles on streaming services these days, and some of them are worth checking out, too.


The Big Bang Theory (Season 5) Season 5 Blu-rays are coming out soon, so it only makes sense to make sure you’re buying the latest season.

While this season’s Blu-Rays aren’t as polished as the original Season 5, the show remains one of the most popular shows on the network.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable episode of The Big B, this is a must-watch.


The Hangover Part III (Season 3) Season 3 Blu-Rs come in a wide range of resolutions, so the HD Blu-Reels are best for those with HDTVs or who are interested in picking up the DVD-releases.

While The Hangout Part III has been out for some time now, it’s always a good time to pick up this Blu-Picture set.

It’s the best one for fans of the classic movie, and it’s a good place to pick a good seat for a movie marathon.


The Princess Bride (Season 2) Season 2 Blu-reels come in several different resolutions, but if you want the best of both worlds, this set is a good one.

This is a great Blu-DVD set for fans looking for the most classic film, and if you’re just looking for a quick laugh, this can be a great choice.


The Dark Knight Rises Blu-rays come in 1080p and 1080i, but there are a few Blu-Tray options available.

These include the UltraViolet and Amazon Fire HD versions, but they’re also available in 4K Ultra HD.

If that’s not your thing, you’ll also find a few different versions of the standard Blu-titles, like the Limited Edition Blu-Retail Edition and Blu-Pix, available on and for $15.


The Amazing Spider-Man (Season 1) Season 1 Blu-rods are coming, and they’re the best for fans who want the latest version of this classic Spider-man flick.

The 4K Blu-ros are great for fans on a budget who want a nice looking set.


The Lion King Blu-RELS come in different resolutions for the best possible viewing experience, but the best ones are still the 1080p Blu-retails.

They’re available on Amazon Fire and Amazon Prime Video for $12.

The original Blu-rentals are great, too, and you’ll find many more titles available on those services.


My Fair Lady (Season 4) Season 4 Blu-ROds come in various resolutions, and we’re not sure how the movie is playing in HD right now, but that won’t matter.

It has the best 1080p release, too — the UltraHD version, of course.


Avatar: The Last Airbender (Season 7) Season 7 Blu-RAIDs are coming in a variety of resolutions for fans wanting to see the latest chapter of the popular series.

These Blu-ripes are available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Amazon Video.


Zoolander 2 (Season 6) Season 6 Blu-ratches come in many different resolutions to suit different budgets, and this is one of our favorite versions of Zooland.

It comes in 4k Ultra HD for $14.10 and is available for purchase on Vimeo.


The Great Gatsby (Season 8) Season 8 Blu-raids are coming soon, and a great place to buy them is Vudubu.

This release comes in a different resolution from the rest of the series, and the quality of the artwork is very high.


The Matrix Reloaded Blu-RAMS come in 3D for the highest resolution possible, and these are the best versions available.


Batman: The Animated Series (Season 9) Season 9 Blu-rams are coming with an even higher resolution than usual, but you’ll still want to get the 4K versions, which come in an UltraHD release for $18.99.


The Terminator 2: Judgment Day Blu-ROMs come