The best apps for the iPhone 7+

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus next week.

That means Apple is going to be releasing its first iPhone since the iPhone 6S.

Apple will release the new iPhones in two different variants.

The iPhone 7 will be a 2.3GHz 64-bit A7 chip with an Exynos 8895 processor and the iPhone S7 variant will be an 8GB iPhone 6s chip with the Exyno 8890 processor and a 4GB A7 RAM.

Apple has previously said it will release both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in a limited quantity, but that was later changed to a 5 million unit limit.

The 5 million units will only be available to pre-order customers, but Apple will make sure that they get their hands on one.

Apple also said it plans to make the iPhone 10 a high-end device.

The company said it would also unveil the iPhone 11 on May 22.

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