When Fox News hosts have a bad day, they just laugh at them

Fox News host and Fox Business host Stuart Varney said on Tuesday that he would be willing to take on a major cable network, the CBS All Access, if that network “got its act together” in order to make its network more palatable to advertisers.

Varney, who is currently on leave from Fox News, said that he could take on the network if it were “just going to make the business work” and not “get into a fight” with the network over what he views as a series of controversies.

“I could take over,” he said.

“I could do that.

If the network doesn’t get its act down, then I can do that, too.”

Varney has been a frequent target of cable network executives, who have accused the conservative news channel of not being honest with advertisers about how many advertisers they take, how many people watch their programming, and whether they are “really, really good.”

Fox News has also been accused of not providing advertisers with accurate information about how much time they spend on its shows, how much money they spend, and how they are viewed by advertisers.

Fox News has come under fire recently after a number of controversies, including a scandal involving the company’s president, Roger Ailes, who was forced to resign after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment.

In June, Ailes was forced out of his position after allegations of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

Fox News is still trying to clear its name after the accusations of sexual assault and harassment.

The Fox Business Network has been accused in recent weeks of misleading viewers about the number of viewers it attracts.

It has also come under scrutiny for failing to disclose the number that it lost last month.

Fox Business is owned by News Corp., a company that has faced backlash for the way it covered the Las Vegas shooting in which 49 people were killed.

Ailes resigned as CEO of the network on July 1 amid the controversy.