When the Blue is back: Blueberry, Red, and the NBA’s first sports entertainment center

In August, a group of Oakland-area musicians and producers were given a chance to create a new entertainment center.

It was an opportunity for them to work on a musical that would play during the NBA All-Star Weekend, when most teams play their home games.

It would be a showcase of the talent from the Bay Area and across the country.

The idea came about when the Oakland Symphony Orchestra played the show during the last All-American weekend.

The Oakland team has a strong musical tradition, and it seemed like a natural fit to play the first NBA game at the new facility.

“When we saw the concept of the show, we were like, ‘This is a dream,'” said music director Dan Jernigan.

The Blueberry-Red concert was meant to be an opportunity to connect Oakland with the outside world, and that’s what the show was built upon.

It featured musicians, singers, choreographers, choreographed dance performances, and even a team of actors and comedians who would appear on stage during the show.

The goal was to bring a new audience to the show and inspire the audience to tune in.

The musicians wanted to create something new and different.

The concert was designed to create an environment where the audience could come together, to be a part of a musical experience, and to share the story of a new band or artist.

It felt like an opportunity that was not just about music.

“It was really about giving the fans something that they could be proud of,” said drummer Dan Riese, who is a co-founder of the Blueberry and Red band.

They wanted to show the audience that they were there, and they wanted to have something special to share.

In August 2016, Blueberry announced it was opening its doors to the public.

And in September, Red announced it would open its doors in Oakland.

The new arena is designed to resemble a small ballroom, with two stage areas and a bar area.

It has a big sound system that mimics the sound of the basketball court.

It is also connected to the Oakland Public Library, which is currently in the midst of renovating the old library.

The main focus is on creating a safe space for the musicians and the community to come together.

“The Blueberry concert is really about creating an environment to bring the community together and to create this feeling of community,” said Red singer and musician Nick Tatum.

“That’s the core of it, really, and we want to build a safe environment for the fans, and I think the Blueberries are an ideal venue for that.”

A new arena in Oakland is the newest addition to the Blue, Red and Blueberry line of events, which started with the Blue Concert in San Francisco in August 2016.

Red is also in the process of building its first new venue in the city since 2015.

Red and the Blue will open in 2020, while Blue and Red will open next year.

In 2018, the Oakland City Council approved $20 million in grants to help fund the renovation of the city’s old Municipal Auditorium.

The funds will be used to renovate the Auditorium and create a modern concert venue.

Oakland’s first arena, Blue and the Red, will be the only arena that is in the works for the city.

The rest of the arena will be built elsewhere.

In addition to Blue and The Blue, Oakland also has a show happening at the Coliseum in 2020.

Red, the Blue and Blue will be back for another show in 2021, and Red and Red are in the middle of a third concert at the Oakland Coliseum.

The Red and Purple concert will be hosted by Ritesha Gaur, who will perform a song called “One of Us,” in which she will be joined by two musicians and a choreographer.

This will be her first concert since she left the Bay to join the Red and Black.

Gaur is a longtime performer and performer-turned-musician, who has been featured on stage at shows such as the 2016 Grammy Awards.

The show will take place at the newly renovated Coliseum, located in Oakland’s East Bay.

Red will also be performing on stage with her band, Red & Blue, who have performed at venues including the San Francisco Coliseum, the San Diego Coliseum, and others.

The tour also includes the Blue & Blue tour.

The 2018-19 season marks the debut of Red and The Red tour.

Red’s and The Black’s first performances will take them to Oakland on September 16, 2021, at the SAP Center.

In 2017, Red’s second tour opened in Los Angeles.

It opened at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.