Celebrating our 20th Anniversary of Vivid Entertainment Center in Dallas

AUSTIN, Texas — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Vivid entertainment center and Vivid theater in downtown Dallas have officially closed.

The Vivid, located at 801 W. North Loop, is the latest venue to close in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

“The end of the Vivid has been a long time coming,” said Dan Friesen, vice president of communications for the Dallas Downtown Development Authority (DDDA).

“The venue had been a cornerstone of the Downtown Dallas area for over a decade.

I can’t think of a better way to close it down than to close the doors and go home.”

Vivid is the newest venue to shutter in the area, which includes the historic downtown Dallas Theater and the Varsity Theatre, which has also been the site of the Dallas Comedy Festival. 

“This is a sad day for Dallas,” said Mike Mcclatchy, executive director of the downtown Dallas Partnership for Public Spaces.

“We have been working to create a better downtown.

We are proud to have served as the anchor tenant of the DDDA’s new $4.3 billion downtown redevelopment.

This historic venue will be demolished and replaced with a mixed-use development.

The DDDA will continue to support downtown development, and we will continue our efforts to ensure the future of downtown Dallas.”

Downtown Dallas Development Authority board member and Mayor Pro Tem Greg Caskey said in a statement that the Vibs were “a great success story for the downtown community.”

“I have been in the arts industry for many years, but this is one of the first venues to be a part of the revitalization and revitalization of downtown,” Caskey continued.

“As a result, I am proud to announce that we are now planning to redevelop the site. 

The DDDA is working with the City of Dallas to construct the project, which will be a public-private partnership.

The redevelopment is expected to be completed by late 2021.