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  • What the bookcase in the back of your bookcase can’t hold

    When you want to store your books and magazines but don’t want to use the space that your books are resting on, then the Cheaper Entertainment Center in the Back of your Bookcase can be a great solution.The bookcase is made of wood and is able to support books up to about 300 kilograms, according […]

  • How Bad Boys Became a New Reality (EXCLUSIVE)

    With the arrival of Bad Boys Entertainment, the Bad Boys and their music, their legacy and their legacy fans are finally able to relive their lives through music, videos, and the like.That’s not to say they’re perfect.There are a few bad ones in there that are just bad.Some of the best moments in Bad Boys […]

  • How to create a $30K gaming trailer using a 360 video camera

    A video from the creators of a $40K video game trailer, featuring the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger, will hit the streets of Toronto on Saturday.The trailer, titled “Warmachine,” features an animated trailer of the game’s main character, Warmachine, as he makes his way through a battle, shooting his way into enemy territory and completing missions.It […]

  • How To: See Stone’s “Stone Music” and Other Funky, Funky-Punk Songs on Spotify

    Spotify has added “Stone” as a playlist to its curated music and entertainment content. The playlist was first spotted by The Huffington. It’s the same playlist that Stone has been making with fellow rock and hip hop star Kanye West. On Monday, Spotify announced that “StoneMusic” will be added to its music and content curation tool. “Stone Music,” a […]

  • Entertainment center unit to get new owners

    Ami Entertainment Center, one of the largest entertainment center units in North America, is getting a new owner.The new owners will relocate to the new 855,000-square-foot complex located at the corner of University Drive and Main Street.The units are expected to open in early 2019.

  • New Bay Area beach house to be built by a California-based company

    A new Bay Area waterfront home is being designed by a developer who has spent years designing homes for wealthy investors.The home, called the Garden of Life, is set to be completed by a company called Rizvi in 2017.The plan calls for a five-story, 1,000-square-foot home that will feature two-level, terraced living areas, a rooftop […]

  • How to watch the most important games from March 2019

    BeetleJuice Entertainment Center will be hosting a live stream of the latest Beetles game on Wednesday, March 6th from 8 p.m. to 9 stream will be available on BeeteleJuice.Com.Fans can watch all the action on their computers, mobile devices and tablets.Beets games are also available on the Beets Twitch channel.Fans will also be able […]

  • AMC Entertainment to launch 5G services at its stockholders meeting

    AMC Entertainment, the entertainment conglomerate behind AMC, AMC Theatres, AMC Cinemas and AMC Studios, will launch a 5G wireless broadband services for its shareholders at its regular meeting on December 1, the company said in a statement on Thursday.This is an all-new service that will be launched at a special meeting of its board of […]