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  • What do you think of Cedric the Entertainer’s performance as the new host of SNL?

    The new host for Saturday Night Live has just announced his character’s name, Cedric the Clown.The actor will play a clown in the upcoming episode, “Baked Alaska,” the NBC comedy said on Twitter on Wednesday.Cedre is the son of famed actor and director Stephen Cee, who has been featured in films such as ‘Shrek,’ ‘Walking […]

  • When ‘Hulu’s’ Hulu comes to India

    The Indian video streaming service ‘Hollywood Now’ is partnering with Hollywood studio ‘Hip-Hop Entertainment’, a major player in the Hollywood studios, to launch its Hindi-language version of ‘The Voice’ on Tuesday.The partnership is part of an ongoing effort to bring Indian-made talent into Hollywood.The deal will allow Hollywood studios to access their ‘HBO Now’ app […]

  • How to make an online business that makes money, not just look good

    It’s not just about the pictures.It’s about the content, too.“It’s not enough to have the right pictures on your website, you need the right content,” says Nick Meehan, a co-founder of online retailer Soho Design, which focuses on the digital side of its business.Meehm started out by creating a blog, but soon switched to a […]

  • How to watch live stream videos without getting lost?

    We’re going to be using Twitch’s live streaming feature to help us get a handle on the new content we’re seeing on Twitch.We’re also going to go over some of the things we can do to make our lives easier when trying to find new things.For the first time, Twitch is offering live stream content, […]

  • Why this TV box is making the world smarter

    A TV box that lets you listen to 3 different TV channels simultaneously on one TV is now on sale in Australia.The $130 Boxmaster is an update of the $110 Boxmaster and is available now.It has a touchscreen remote control, a built-in speaker, a USB cable and a HDMI port, and it’s made by Coolpix.It […]

  • How to use the new Google Assistant on the Play Store

    A little while ago, Google announced a new feature for Android phones and tablets that will let them get their hands on Google Assistant and the ability to get up to five different voice commands in one app.The new feature is called Google Assistant Mobile.The feature is available to all Android phones that support Google […]

  • Fox News’ Herschend Family Entertainment is buying Fox News, including CNN

    Fox News parent News Corp. has acquired Herschen Family Entertainment, a digital media company based in New York that was acquired by Fox News in 2015.The deal, announced Monday, is worth $10.5 billion.The combined company will now focus on expanding its business, including its programming arm.The company, which produces news and information content, has been […]